We have exciting news for you all.
The time has nearly come! 🤗 The Dreamy Wool team have been busy organising a release of the 'Cuddle and Play Blanket Crochet Kits'. The kits will be available to purchase on the Dreamy Wool website on the 1st of August 2022.

For the first week since the launch (1-7 August) you will get a free accessories set, worth £4.87, with every kit that includes:
• Knit Pro Crochet Hook
• Large loop yarn needle
• Set of 5 stitch markers 

You will have a choice of five trendy crochet blankets that turn into toys that will all be available to purchase as a DIY KIT: Cow (Our crafty crocheters' favourite), Sheep, Unicorn, Horse, Pig and Monkey.

A basic kit contains:
• Yarn for the specific blanket you choose
• Embroidery thread to make the eyes

You'll then be able to customise your kit to add the rest of the material and tools you will need to complete the project but we don't want to force them on you if you already have them.

The additions you'll be able to add to your kit are:
• Crochet pattern with options of just digital version, printed and digital version and no pattern at all. Also you'll be able to choose between US/UK terminology.
• 100g toy stuffing
• 6.5mm crochet hook
• Yarn needle
• Set of 5 Stitch markers

Set your reminders on your devices, and be ready to grab your Dreamy Wool kit!

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