Do you struggle with weaving in your crochet tail ends and want to improve your skill to stop them from unraveling?

We know how upsetting it can be when you've spent hours even days creating the perfect crochet item and it suddenly starts falling apart. You may try to save it but your crochet ends are too short or your pieces are just not salvageable.

Discover this simple crochet hack that will save you worrying and time on struggling with those hard to weave in ends. This technique will be your 'go to' every time!

Read the photo tutorial below or if you prefer a video you can watch our viral reel here:


Step 1. Weave in the end as usual.

Step 2. Split the yarn in 2

Step 3. Thread one strand of the yarn around the stitch

Step 4. Tie 1 or 2 knots to secure the end

Step 5. Either clip close to the knot or weave in the remaining end

It's an simple as that! Try this with your next crochet project and see if it's make a difference to your work.

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The Dreamy Wool Team